NL Film is a creative, leading production company that specialises in feature films and television drama. Thanks to its great affinity with contemporary audiences, NL Film provides a wide range of high-quality productions for every target group.

An Amsterdam-based production house run from the start by Alain de Levita. In 2015, Kaja Wolffers and Ronald Versteeg joined the board as creative director and finance director respectively.

Since its foundation, NL Film has built up an impressive oeuvre of short and feature-length films, youth drama and television series. A striking feature of the company’s output is the breadth of target groups it has been able to reach. Its television drama portfolio ranges from (public broadcaster) NPO series The red widow, The Menten Case and Mother, I Want to Join the Cabaret to drama series Black Tulip, Bluff and Aaf for the commercial broadcasters.

Thanks to a diverse range of feature films, including Tonio, Men In the City 1&2, In my father's garden, The Storm and telefilms such as Rhubarb and The Strongest Man in Holland, NL Film is one of the most active, talked-about contemporary Dutch film producers.

Many of the company’s productions have won awards and/or nominations, including Tonio, the Dutch Oscar submission for 2016, the International Emmy Kids Award for telefilm Rhubarb, and On the Way to Boxing Eve, which was awarded the Cinekid Audience Award by that children’s festival’s young audiences.