Romantic Comedy, 95 minutes
Release: Winter 2001

The story of a wild week on the Spanish coast. Romance on the beach, competition on the dance floor. Salt water, sweet kisses. Janet, a spontaneous, gregarious young woman, goes on holiday for the first time to Spain with her sister, Angela, and her arrogant girlfriends Joyce and Maureen. Once there, she meets Rens. Rens, the boyish beach Adonis of the Spanish coast, has been working for several years as a promoter (tout) for the popular club Costa!, which belongs to Ian.

Together with sex-obsessed Tommy, laconic Bjorn, Frida (the most desirable woman on the coast), and 'wannabee tout' Bart, he approaches many (predominately female) tourists on the sun-drenched beaches and bustling boulevards. Which, of course, leads Rens and his colleagues into a lot of stormy holiday romances.

This week, the coast is buzzing with the excitement of the highly rated annual dance competition. In addition to the kudos, the club that wins will also get a great financial boost. Which is why Ian, the owner of club Costa!, is doing his best to keep everyone on their toes, to prevent his rival, club Empire, running off with the prize. When, some time later, Rens falls in love with the unlikely outsider Janet, this causes a great deal of confusion and agitation among his friends. Frida even becomes jealous of Janet, while Tommy and Bjorn don't like their friend's untrendy new lover. Until it turns out that Janet is a great dancer...  



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Katja Schuurman
Daan Schuurmans
Kurt Rogiers
Georgina Verbaan
Peggy Jane de Schepper
John Wijdenbosch


Wijo Koek
Johan Nijenhuis
Dutch Filmworks



Platinum Film 2002