Dear Céline

Televion film (drama), 90 minutes
On air: 6th April 2013

Television film based on the novel of Hanna Bervoets. De story is about Brook, a young subnormal girl with a huge passion for Céline Dion. After several dramatic incidents, Brook only wants to do one thing: to see Céline Dion performing. She deceides to travel to Las Vegas on her own.



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Esmée van Kampen
Ellen Pieters
Carolien Spoor
Gijs Naber
Sabrina van Halderen
Loes Haverkort
Matteo van der Grijn
André Dongelmans


Maarten Lebens
Thomas Korthals Altes

In collaboration with VARA  and CoBO Fonds

Stills: Victor Arnolds

Stills: Victor Arnolds