ZOO Rangers in Africa

Teens/ Adventure, 80 minutes
Release: July 2005

In Zoop in Africa, the Rangers go on an exchange programme to colourful South Africa.

Having arrived in the Safari Park, they notice that the wild animals living there are in a very poor state. The Rangers decide to do everything in their power to give the animals a better life. This proves to be no easy task, however. They quickly discover that things are very different in the wild from in a zoo, and face a great adventure...



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Patrick Martens
Nicolette van Dam
Juliette van Ardenne
Monique van der Werff
Ewout Genemans
Erwan van Buuren
Jon Karthaus
Vivienne van den Assem
Sylvana Simons


Anya Koek en Wijo Koek
Johan Nijenhuis
Independent Films


Golden Film 2005
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for Best Film 2005
Stimulus for Succes'  for Commercial Succes 2005-2006