ZOO Rangers in South- Amerika

Teens/ Adventure, 90 minutes
Release: July 2007


This time the ZOOP rangers are asked to find an extremely rare species of butterfly in South America, and save it from extinction. They split up into two groups. A number of rangers pay a visit to the members of the expedition that found the butterflies. The others go into the tropical rain forest, to look for the butterflies with the help of Bastiaan’s specialist knowledge.

Both groups face dangers such as crocodiles, tarantulas, tango competitions, a love-stricken ape, stampeding cattle and a team of Brazilian school children on the way to discovering the secret of the rare butterfly. It turns out that their client has left them in the dark about her real criminal aspirations, which could mean the complete destruction of the rainforest. In the meantime, Alwin and Sira have a passionate romantic adventure... in one another’s dreams. Based on the populair kids- daily ZOOP Rangers.




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Patrick Martens
Ewout Genemans
Erwan van Buuren
Juliette van Ardenne
Nicolette van Dam
Monique van der Werff
Jon Karthaus
Vivienne van den Assem
Peggy-Jane de Schepper
Thomas Berge


Anya Koek en Wijo Koek
Johan Nijenhuis
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Golden Film 2007