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Penoza V

Shooting has started on season V of the popular crime series Penoza, which will be broadcast on NPO3 from September 2017. The cast of Penoza V will consist of Monic Hendrickx, Loek Peters, Gijs Naber, Raymond Thiry, Sigrid ten Napel, Medina Schuurman, Niels Gomperts, Stijn Taverne, Olga Zuiderhoek and Hajo Bruins. Alongside the well-known cast, this season a number of new faces will be introduced, including actress Sonja Silva. A year and a half after the events, Carmen is doing well: the shop is ticking over nicely and her children seem happy. Carmen is thinking about getting out of the business and needs just a few more drugs shipments to give her a good pension and secure the children’s future. But when a new generation takes over – harder and more unpredictable than ever – it looks like this will be anything but easy. As Carmen tries to defend what she has and allows a new love into her life, she notices that things are gradually going wrong for her children. What can she do to save them? Alongside Sonja Silva as Berry’s new bit of skirt Amanda, the new faces in Penoza V include: Axel Daeseleire (as Marcus Vos, Carmen’s new love interest), Chris Peters (Davy Vos, Marcus’ son) and Ward Kerremans (Leon, of the ‘new generation’). Recording will take place until mid-March 2017 and the series will be broadcast on NPO3 from September 2017.

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Father Figure

Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen and Loes Haverkort star in FATHER FIGURE (Dutch litterally translation: MADE FOR EACH OTHER), a romantic comedy about falling in love when you least expect it. Matthijs plays Felix; a single thirty-something, who, after a bizarre incident, is unable to have children. Loes plays tv-host Jip, who would love to become a mother, but is unable to become pregnant with her boyfriend. FATHER FIGURE is currently filmed by director Martijn Heijne (Screamweek). Also starring in the movie are Fabian Jansen, Roeland Fernhout, Eva van de Wijdeven, Sanne Vogel and Ferdi Stofmeel.About the film.Felix enjoys single life to the max; he is happy with a life without a steady relationship and kids. Until a one night stand causes a bizarre incident. When Felix, after the incident, wakes up in hospital, he is diagnosed ‘unfertile’ for the remainder of his life. When starting a family suddenly isn’t an option anymore, the thirty-something suddenly dreads the fact that he will never become a father. His brother Jelle discovers that one donation of his brother to the spermbank has found it’s way to an egg cell. The egg cell of tv-host Jip. From that moment on Felix is determined to become a father of the only child he will ever have, whether Jip has a boyfriend, or not…The romantic comedy is based on the successful German film Vaterfeunden (2014). Status: post-production.Release: Spring 2017.

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(A)way from you

More information will follow soon.

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