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Penoza V

Shooting has started on season V of the popular crime series Penoza, which will be broadcast on NPO3 from September 2017. The cast of Penoza V will consist of Monic Hendrickx, Loek Peters, Gijs Naber, Raymond Thiry, Sigrid ten Napel, Medina Schuurman, Niels Gomperts, Stijn Taverne, Olga Zuiderhoek and Hajo Bruins. Alongside the well-known cast, this season a number of new faces will be introduced, including actress Sonja Silva. A year and a half after the events, Carmen is doing well: the shop is ticking over nicely and her children seem happy. Carmen is thinking about getting out of the business and needs just a few more drugs shipments to give her a good pension and secure the children’s future. But when a new generation takes over – harder and more unpredictable than ever – it looks like this will be anything but easy. As Carmen tries to defend what she has and allows a new love into her life, she notices that things are gradually going wrong for her children. What can she do to save them? Alongside Sonja Silva as Berry’s new bit of skirt Amanda, the new faces in Penoza V include: Axel Daeseleire (as Marcus Vos, Carmen’s new love interest), Chris Peters (Davy Vos, Marcus’ son) and Ward Kerremans (Leon, of the ‘new generation’). Recording will take place until mid-March 2017 and the series will be broadcast on NPO3 from September 2017.

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(A)way from you

More information will follow soon.

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The Resistance Banker

Film based on the amazing story of Dutch banker Walraven (Wally) van Hall, who became known as ‘the resistance banker’ after setting up an underground bank during World War II. Van Hall’s story is one of the most impressive resistance stories from that period. NL Film is working with Walraven van Hall’s children on this film.Walraven van Hall (1906-1945), a scion of the famous Van Hall family, was a banker in Zaandam. At the beginning of the war, he was one of the founders of a national aid organisation aimed at providing financial support to resistance activities. Together with his brother, Gijs (later Mayor of Amsterdam), he came up with a unique, worldwide plan to defraud the Bank of the Netherlands of 50 million guilders. Through this fraud, and large private loans, Van Hall was able to raise a total in excess of 106 million guilders (more than half a billion Euros today). This money was used to finance the lion’s share of the illegal activities carried out by the Dutch resistance. Walraven was betrayed to the Germans in January 1945 by a newcomer in his private circle, arrested and a month later murdered. Screenwriter Marieke van der Pol is currently working on the script. Shooting is planned for 2014.

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