NL Film buys TV rights to 'The complete widower' and 'Panic spiders'


An agreement has been entered into with film producer NL Film on the TV rights to De complete weduwnaar, the recently published book by Klaas ten Holt. NL Film (The Storm, Men in the City and Penoza, among others) will make a (probably) three-part TV series. The scripts will be written by Liesbeth Strik and Nicole van Kilsdonk. The story will be based partly on Paniekspinnen, written by Klaas’ late wife, Bibian Harmsen. Van Kilsdonk will also direct the series.

De complete weduwnaar is the candid account of Klaas ten Holt’s first year as a widower, left with three young children when his wife Bibian dies. She is told in November 2011 that she has an incurable disease and doesn’t have long to live. The family experiences the months that follow in a haze, during which period Harmsen writes a highly praised blog, on which he then bases the book. The couple also write new songs and record two CDs. Following Bibian’s death, Klaas starts another blog, in which he writes about his life without Bibian.

Klaas ten Holt’s book has already received many glowing responses. Actress Kim van Kooten wrote: ‘Klaas ten Holt manages to make the incomprehensible and awful small and loving. And the everyday heartrending.’ JAN Magazine called Ten Holt’s literary style ‘unembellished and straight from the heart’ and newspaper Trouw wrote of De complete weduwnaar: ‘A subtle tale of mourning that deals with big emotions in passing: all recorded harshly, but lovingly.’ Volkskrant Magazine published an in-depth interview with Ten Holt, and wrote of the book: ‘The texts are so intimate the reader has the feeling of knowing the family, even the deceased (…) Extremely honest.’

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