Diary of a Callgirl

Dramaseries, 6 episodes (45 minutes)
Release: March, 26 on Net5

This 6-part series will take us into the life of Anna – at first glance a normal woman. But Anna is leading a secret double life, as a call girl in Amsterdam. With a light touch and a lot of humour, she shows us around the world of chic hotels, designer clothes and the dos and don’ts of the escort business.

Anna tries to keep her private and professional lives strictly separated, but this doesn’t always work out.

Although Anna loves her work, the life of a call girl can get pretty lonely. She often works at night and can’t really talk about the things that happen to her. Luckily, Anna is supported by her best friend Ben, who gives her help and advice. Anna hopes their relationship can become something more than friendship (and so does Ben), but the chances of this happening don’t seem very great. Not just because Anna goes to bed with other men for money – Ben is engaged to someone else.




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Sanne Langelaar
Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen
Susan Visser
Dirk Zeelenberg
Mark van Eeuwen
Huub Smit
Laus Steenbeke
Guusje Eijbers
Sophie van Oers


Marion Pauw, Anna Pauwels
Joris van den Berg, Tessa Schram, Janneke van Heesch

Based on the British television series: 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl'.

Stills: Pief Weyman