Hospital series, 2 seasons (20 episodes of 50 minutes)
On air in 2003, 2004 and 2005

In HEARTBEAT, two young trainee doctors, Daan and Arend, are competing for the only internship at the Little Venice hospital. Internist JulieI has to coach these impetuous young men. But they are not just fighting over the internship: both young doctors fall head over heels for Julie. Her work is made even more complicated by unresolved conflicts with both her father and the hospital director, Emile Senff.

All three doctors have been well trained, but they are all inexperienced. Being confronted daily with current medical problems is a tough test of their medical skills, personalities and above all their solidarity. The somewhat old-fashioned but pleasant hospital attaches great importance to such values as personal attention and a good atmosphere. Director Emile Senff is convinced that people cannot get well on a ‘medical production line’. Nevertheless, the imposition of efficiency measures and the accompanying need to expand mean the hospital staff are under ever-increasing pressure.


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Chris Zegers
Alwien Turner
Romijn Conen
Hans Hoes
Wil van Kralingen
Frans van Deursen