In Treatment

Drama series, 2 seasons (60 episodes of 25 minutes)
On air in 2010 and 2011

Conflicts. Denial. Intrigue. Can you be a good therapist if your own life is a mess? Paul Westervoort is a busy psychotherapist, but is having increasing trouble keeping his private problems at bay. As a therapist he should occupy a neutral role. He should create a safety zone in which his patients can work on themselves. However, his emotions about his rocky marriage and his poor relationship with his children keep cropping up in his work.

For example, there’s Lara. The attractive doctor he treats on Mondays. She declares her love for him and will not rest until he loves her too. Or Aron (Tuesdays). The seemingly super tough air force pilot who keeps prying into Paul’s private life. Paul seems most comfortable with Sophie the suicidal young gymnast he sees on Wednesdays. But why can’t he have a normal conversation with his own daughter?

On Thursdays, there are Aya and Michel, a couple arguing about an abortion, who he has terrible trouble being patient with. Every Friday, Paul goes to see his own therapist, Mira. This too, is not unproblematic. Paul constantly critiques Mira's methods and seldom dares to reveal his vulnerable side. Over a period of six weeks, Paul spirals downwards. Is life really better if it is analysed?

Based on the Israeli format (Be TIPUL), wich was later adapted by HBO (US) 'In Treatment'



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Jacob Derwig
Carice van Houten
Halina Reijn
Dragan Bakema
Gaite Jansen
Kim van Kooten
Frederik Brom
Elsie de Brauw
Peter Blok
Jeroen Krabbé 
Jacob Derwig
Monic Hendrickx
Jamie Grant
Anneke Blok
Jaap Spijkers
Daan Stoevelaar


Alain de Levita & Antoinette Beumer (part of 2nd season)
Marion Pauw 

Stills: Mark de Blok


Nomination for actors Jacob Derwig, Gaite Jansen and Jeroen Krabbé
for a Beeld en Geluid Award 2010/2011
Nomination Psyche Mediaprijs 2011
Normination for a Beeld en Geluid Award 2011 (Multi media)
Spin Award 2012