Crime series, 3 seasons (28 episodes of 45 minutes)
On air since 2010

Organised crime is man’s work. Only very occasionally does a woman manage to break through and head a crime syndicate. The main character in this series, Carmen van Walraven de Rue (Monic Hendrickx), is one such woman, but the role she acquires for herself is not the one she had in mind. Raised as the daughter of an Amsterdam bar owner, an old-time criminal from back in the day when problems were solved using fists instead of bullets, she knows the crime world like the back of her hand, but she has a different future in mind for her children.

When, during Episode 1, she finds out her husband is more embroiled in crime than she ever imagined, she tries to convince him to break away, but it is already too late. Just as her life seems to be starting to go well, her husband is shot dead in front of their youngest son.

This marks the start of a new life for Carmen. The public prosecutor’s office turns up and confiscates everything it might be able to use for a criminal case. Not just to solve the murder of her husband, but also to finish the syndicate he led, once and for all. They put pressure on her: if she testifies against her husband’s partners, they will offer her and the children witness protection. Carmen, raised to hate snitches, starts to contemplate cooperating with the justice department. Witness protection would be nice because an increasing number of creditors keeps appearing demanding money. Whereas - in the past - criminals adhered to the unwritten rule that the families of those involved were not fair game, Carmen and her children are told they will die if they don’t pay up.

Carmen decides that life in a witness protection programme, far away from her family and friends is not the type of future she had dreamt of for her children. That is why she does the only thing that seems sensible at that point in time. She fights her way to the top in the criminal world so that no one will dare harm her or her family.

PENOZA has proved a great success, and not just in the Netherlands. In 2011 the Polish remake, KREWZKRWI, was broadcast in Poland on Canal+. In the USA, the American remake (RED WIDOW) was broadcast by ABC in March 2013, with Australian actress Radha Mitchell in the lead role. In the spring of 2013, recording started on a PENOZA remake in Russia. This will be broadcast on Channel 1 in Russia in 2014.



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Monic Hendrickx
Thomas Acda
Marcel Hensema
Fedja van Huet
Tom Jansen
Olga Zuiderhoek
Eric Corton
Willem Nijholt
Loek Peters
Marcel Musters
Peter Blok
Gijs Naber
Raymond Thiry
Hajo Bruins
Jacqueline Blom
Barry Atsma
Jacob Derwig
Sigrid Ten Napel
Niels Gomperts
Stijn Taverne
Joost Koning
Eva van de Wijdeven
Medina Schuurman
Pieter van der Sman
Charles Alves da Cruz
Peggy Jane de Schepper
Sol Vinken
Maartje Remmers
Johnny de Mol
Filip Peeters


Pieter Bart Korthuis & Diederik van Rooijen
Pieter Bart Korthuis, Franky Ribbens, Elbe Stevens, Karin van der Meer,
Maarten Lebens & Philip Delmaar
PENOZA IV: Oscar van Woensel, Chris Westendorp, Willem Bosch, Bastiaan Kroeger, Willem Helwig.
Diederik van Rooijen, Shariff Korver (part of 4th season).

Stills: Victor Arnolds/ Pief Weyman/ Dinand van der Wal


Nomination at Beeld en Geluid Awards 2010 
Nomination LIRA Scenarioprijs (Screenwriters award) 2011
Nomination Zilveren Krulstraart (Screenwriters award)  2011
Zilveren Krulstaart (Screenwriters award) 2013
Monic Hendricx received a Beeld en Geluid Award in 2010 and a Golden Calf in 2013 for best Actrice
Nomination Golden Televizier Ring for best TV- series 2014