Country Roads (and other regional series)

Country Roads
This regional series is shot completely on location in the sun-drenched countryside of the most beautiful part of the Eastern Netherlands. The actors’ performances and the storylines are so true to life they quickly won a permanent place in the hearts of viewers. The series was an outstanding success when broadcast by the regional RTV Oost station, going through no less than four seasons. National TV station KRO also broadcast the series during the summer.

Pauwen and Reigers
Bas Muijs plays the roles of Paul and Rudolf – two men who bear an inexplicable, striking resemblance to one another, but are unaware of each other’s existence. Their backgrounds could hardly be more different. Paul is an ordinary, working-class young man from The Hague who lives a simple life and works in a bar in the coastal resort of Scheveningen. Rudolf, on the other hand, leads a life of luxury thanks to his wealthy parents from the Bollenstreek region.

Nightingale and Sons
NIGHTINGALE AND SONS tells the story of contractor (and part-time wheeler-dealer) AKKIE NACHTEGAAL (60), his wife CORRIE (60) and their sons SJON (34), STEEF (28) and MIKE (19). 

When contractor Akkie has a heart attack, his two oldest sons have to learn to work together to help their father keep the business going until he is back on his feet.

Café Heaven’s Gate
CAFÉ HEAVEN’S GATE is a flourishing café in the fictional village of Elsenrade, in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, where life revolves around music. CAFÉ HEAVEN’S GATE is more than a drama series in the Limburg dialect. The landscape, the people and their customs: everything about CAFÉ HEAVEN’S GATE lives and breathes



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Van Jonge Leu en Oale Groond

Marietje Noordkamp
Diet Gerritsen
Arthur Geesing
Evelien Harberink
Esther ter Horst
Laurens ten Den
Gerard Bakker
Michaela Kamphuis
Nico Schaap
Guus Dam
Herman Finkers


Van Jonge Leu en Oale Groond

In collaboration with local broadcaster RTV Oost
4 Seasons
Episodes: 102 X 28 minutes
On air  2005 -  2009

Pauwen en Reigers
In collaboration with local broadcaster Omroep West
Episodes: 20 x 21 minutes
On air in 2008

Nachtegaal en Zonen

In collaboration with local broadcaster RTV Utrecht
Episodes 24 x 25 minutes
On air in 2008

De Hemelpoart

In collaboration with local broadcaster  L1
Episodes :20 x 25 minutes
On air in 2007