Daily comedy, 115 episodes (30 minutes)
On air in 2005

Thrills and spills between the sheets! Emotions, goosebumps, but above all plenty of humorous incidents, in the comedy series Together. The twenty-somethings looking for a way to mould their love and the forty-somethings trying to keep their flagging relationship going. The twenty-somethings. The four of them live above the Belmondo Bar. They are Tjeerd, Roxanne, Emma and Dennis: single and looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.

They still live together because it’s cheap, they know each other well, the house is centrally located and they just dislike change. The thirty-somethings. For barkeepers Rogier and Yvonne, the sublet was a gift from the previous owner. The couple live in a tiny apartment behind the bar. Their accommodation is far from luxurious, certainly while it is being renovated. The forty-somethings. Joost and Annet live in the same area. The fact that Rogier is Joost’s best friend gives the couple a good excuse to regularly visit the Belmondo Bar. That also gives them a chance to keep a close eye on their eldest son Dylan, who works there as a barman and is about to live above the bar.



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Cees Geel
Dennis Overeem
Ellemijn Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Fockeline Ouwerkerk
Harriet Stroet
Jennifer Hoffman
Johnny Kraaykamp
Jon Karthaus
Lidewij Benus
Saskia Elise van der Heide
Sita van Sante
Vincent Moes