Service producer & cash rebate

Besides producing content for the local market, we are one of the leading partners in The Netherlands for international clients and the worldwide market. In the past years we worked as coproduction partner or service producer on international projects like the feature films Lyrebird and Spider in the Web, or the high-end drama series Van der Valk. We’re therefor the ideal service producer and the perfect partner for producing in the Netherlands. With a 30% cash rebate on Dutch spend it’s also financial beneficial to produce your series or feature films in our country. NL Film is a reliable partner for international producers and we would love to explore the possibilities for your project in our country.

For more information please contact  +31 20 574 76 26 or

production incentive

Cash rebate

During the Cannes Film Festival 2014, the Netherlands Film Fund launched a new initiative: the Netherlands Film Production Incentive. This programme is intended to make the Netherlands more attractive to international film makers.

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a 30% cash rebate for eligible expenditure in the Netherlands. More information on the new system and guidelines can be found at and