Younger Days (Kleine IJstijd) nominated in 8 categories on Milano International Film Festival

8 mei ‘18 - The feature film Younger Days (Dutch title: Kleine IJstijd), directed by Paula van der Oest, has been nominated in eight categories on the Milano International Film Festival (MIFF). Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 16th of May 2018.The nominees are:Best Film Da Vinci AwardBest Screenwriting - Rifka Lodeizen and Paula van der OestBest Directing - Paula van der OestBest Cinematography - Guido van GennepBest Editing - Eline BakkerBest Supporting Role Female - Ariane SchluterBest Supporting Role Female - Hannah HoekstraBest Supporting Role Male - Steef Cuijpers

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Best Friends (SpangaS) sold to Norway

11th of April '18 - Leading Dutch indie sales outlet Dutch Features Global Entertainment has sold the series to public broadcaster NRK. The news was announced today by NL Film and broadcaster KRO-NCRV. NRK will offer the daily show on their youth channel NRK Super starting August this year. BEST FRIENDS (original title: SpangaS) produced by NL Film and Dutch public broadcaster KRO-NCRV, is currently running in its 11th season in Holland, with the 12th season in production and will celebrate its 2000th episode in November this year, making it the longest running drama series in The Netherlands. The award-winning series has inspired 5 TV specials, books, a game and two feature-length movies over the years. The deal with NRK isn’t the first international success of the series: Public broadcaster SRF in Switzerland co-produced a local version in 2012, and Super RTL in Germany acquired 50 episodes in 2010. Moreover, BEST FRIENDS has been nominated for the Prix de Jeunesse and the Japan Prix and has been awarded with both the Cinekid Media Award and the Cinekid Audience Award at the Cinekid Film, Television and Digital Media Festival for children, taking place in Amsterdam.Kaja Wolffers: “We have received wonderful feedback from NRK on the series. BEST FRIENDS addresses complex, societal issues such as bullying, gender diversity and silent poverty, yet remains entertaining for young audiences around the world. The fact that NRK recognises the core values of this series, is the biggest compliment we can receive for a Dutch drama series. The series has been able to fascinate, inspire and retain young viewers in the Netherlands for twelve years now, hence we are looking forward to a long collaboration with NRK.”BEST FRIENDS follows the everyday lives of a group of students at their high school “Spangalis College” as they experience all kinds of relatable, exciting adventures. Every character has its own unique story of love, friendship, family, loneliness, sorrow and discovery. The series addresses current and relevant topics such as divorce, bullying, sexuality and immigration and shows all that life has to offer for these teenagers.          

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The Resistance Banker reaches 300.000 tickets sold

10th of April '18 - The Resistance Banker reaches over more than 300.000 tickets sold within five weeks from release. The NL Film production still holds its position in the top 5 Most Watched Films in Dutch cinema, among international blockbusters as Tomb Raider, Ready Player One and Hurricane Heist.  The film is distributed by Dutch FilmWorks and is currently still screening in 100 cinemas in the Netherlands.SynopsisThe Resistance Banker is the unknown true story of the Netherlands' greatest resistance hero. During World War II, banker Walraven van Hall (Barry Atsma) is asked to use his contacts in the world of finance to help the Dutch resistance – he soon decides this is the right thing to do. Together with his brother, Gijs van Hall (Jacob Derwig), he comes up with a risky scheme to take out big loans to finance resistance against the Nazis. When even this proves to not be enough money, the brothers plan and carry out the biggest bank fraud in Dutch history – stealing tens of millions of guilders from the Dutch Central Bank, right from under the noses of the occupying Germans. But the bigger the operation gets, the more people become involved, and every day brings a bigger risk of someone making a mistake that could put an end to the whole scheme – and to the life of the resistance banker.  

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