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First footage of the Will Koopman movie Neem Me Mee

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"André van Duin sings the title song of a touching, yet humorous feel-good film centered around the theme of aging."

In the talk show Humberto, the trailer for Neem Me Mee was launched. These are the first images released from the latest feel-good film directed by Will Koopman (known for Gooische Vrouwen, April, May, and June, Divorce, Oogappels). It was also announced that André van Duin will perform the title song. Neem Me Mee will be in theaters from December 21, 2023.

In Neem Me Mee, some of the country's most renowned actors make their appearance. The leading roles are played by celebrities Jeroen Krabbé, Olga Zuiderhoek, Kees Hulst, Renée Soutendijk, Helen Kamperveen, and Geert de Jong. There is also an important role for Minne Koole. Watch the trailer here:

André van Duin sings the title song
In the Neem Me Mee trailer, you can hear the first snippets of the title song sung by André van Duin. The entire song and music video will be released later this year.

"Frank Houtappels, the screenwriter of the film, asked me to think about the title song," said Van Duin. "After watching the film, I happily created a Dutch version of the song Emmenez-moi by Charles Aznavour and recorded it. I'm proud of the end result because I believe the song captures the essence of this film."

Neem Me Mee is set during a senior citizens' trip and humorously portrays the challenges of growing older. As the horizon changes, six elderly travel companions face new encounters, uncertainties, romance, entrenched habits, farewells, and coping with changes.

About Take Me With You 
Six septuagenarians, strangers to each other, go on vacation together to South France. Even before their van crosses the national border, there is already disagreement; with each other and with the young tour guide Thijs, who has seriously underestimated the organization. As the journey progresses and the group gets to know each other better, unexpected friendships form among the travelers. They enjoy, share secrets and insecurities, reminisce, support each other, and even step outside their comfort zones. After all, you are never too old for new experiences.

About the makers
Neem Me Mee is directed by Will Koopman, and the script is written by Frank Houtappels (known for Gooische Vrouwen, April, May, and June, Alles Op Tafel). It is a production of NL Film and Interstellar Pictures in co-production with Dingie and Black Sheep Films. Dutch FilmWorks will release the film in theaters on December 21, 2023.