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Ronald Versteeg image Business Director

Business Director

Ronald Versteeg

As a Business Director Ronald Versteeg is responsible for the business side of NL Film. Together with Producer Sabine Brian and Creative Director / Producer Kaja Wolffers he leads the daily management of the Amsterdam based production company. In his role as Business Director Ronald works a lot on financing NL Films feature films and TV projects. He is constantly searching for possibilities to realise projects, varying from simple solutions to complex financing structures.  

After an education in business economics and accountancy Ronald started working at an accountancy firm in Haarlem late 90s. In the beginning of 2001, while working at this firm, he was involved in the founding of NL Film. In 2002 he started working for NL Film, where he started as Head of Finance. A few years later he became a member of the board.

Sabine  Brian image Producer


Sabine Brian

Sabine Brian (1971) has worked for NL Film from the very beginning. She started out in 2001 as a line producer and became an associated producer in 2010. She has held the position of producer since 2015 and since 2018 she one of the board members. Together with creative director Kaja Wolffers and business director Ronald Versteeg she leads the daily management of NL Film. As a producer Sabine is responsible for all current productions developed by the Amsterdam based production company. Furthermore she is responsible for the development of films and series, including Penoza, All You Need Is Love, The Resistance Banker and Tonio.

Having graduated from the Film Academy in 1993, Sabine worked for three years as an assistant production manager on various TV series, going on to spend several years working as a production manager on a range of series. After spending a year producing commercials, she returned to drama at the end of 1999, taking on the role of line producer.

Kaja Wolffers image Creative Director / Producer

Creative Director / Producer

Kaja Wolffers

Kaja Wolffers (1973) is Creative Director and Producer at NL Film and together with business director Ronald Versteeg and producer Sabine Brian he leads the daily management of the Amsterdam based production company. Kaja started working at NL Film as a Creative Director in 2010 and joined the board in 2015. As a Creative Director and Producer he is responsible for the development of NL Films series and films.

Kaja started his career directing television series such as GTST, Onderweg naar Morgen and Costa! In 2005, he joined MTV Networks as Head of Creative Nickelodeon and in this position developed the youth series Het Huis Anubis with Studio 100. Kaja supervised remakes of this series in Germany and later in the USA. In 2008, he became a member of the Dutch board of MTV Networks as VP MTV Networks Productions, in which position he was responsible for the local product of all MTV Networks stations. During his last year with the company, he worked as part of the Nickelodeon Northern Europe management team.

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