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small nation, great possibilities

Film production in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a wide range of both classic locations and modern architecture, flatlands, wide meadows and ‘polders’, beaches, castles and spacious houses. Being a small nation, all locations can be reached within limited time from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our crews are very flexible and English speaking.
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We can assist with a variety of services when shooting in The Netherlands

We provide various ethnicities for casting. 99% of the Dutch cast speaks English. With Belgium and the UK next door, we have close connections with casting agencies in those countries. Come discover what we have to offer; we would love to share the beauty of our country with you. Our specialists are knowledgeable about successfully applying for film production incentives in the Netherlands, granting up to 35% cash-back in production costs. We’re honoured to have serviced several productions for foreign clients: Van der Valk for Company Pictures & All3Media (UK), The Last Vermeer for FilmNation Entertainment (USA) and Spider in the Web for Topia Communications (Israel). If you would like to read more about our service productions and the financial benefits of shooting in The Netherlands please click the button below.


Service producer

Applying for production incentives


NL Film is a multiple-award winning production company based in Amsterdam

Since its foundation in 2001, NL Film has built up an impressive oeuvre of short and feature-length films, youth drama and television series. A striking feature of the company’s output is the breadth of target groups it has been able to reach. Its drama portfolio ranges from TV series such as Penoza and The Body Collector to content for YouTube, such as web series Meet the Stockers. Thanks to a diverse range of feature films, including The Resistance Banker, Tonio and Penoza: The Final Chapter NL Film is one of the most active, talked-about contemporary Dutch film producers. Also our youth projects are much praised. Telefilm Rhubarb and series Casper and the Christmas Angels received an Emmy Kids Award and besides The Netherlands Floor Rules is also broadcasted in France, French-speaking Africa, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Resistance Banker - 2018

5x Gouden Kalf

Floor Rules - 2020

International Emmy Kids Award

The Body Collector – 2017

BANFF Rockie Award

Rhubarb - 2016

International Emmy Kids Award

Penoza: The Final Chapter – 2019

Platinum Film

Casper and the Christmas Angels - 2016

International Emmy Kids Award

The strongest man in Holland – 2011

Prix Europa

Netherlands Film Incentive – Cash Rebate

The Netherlands Film Incentive offers a cash rebate for international drama series or film productions. The rebate is on eligible and qualifying Dutch spend in the Netherlands for film projects. Qualifying costs apply for all Dutch crew, Dutch cast and equipment from The Netherlands. An application can be made for international (co)productions to obtain a cash rebate up to 35% for film productions and 30% for high-end TV-series on eligible production costs. We have a lot of experience filing applications for The Netherlands Production Incentive and will take care of the whole procedure.


Highly experienced producers

Alex Doff image Managing Director / Producer

Managing Director / Producer

Alex Doff

Sabine Brian (1971) is Managing Director and Producer at NL Film and has worked at the company since its founding in 2001. Having graduated from the Film Academy in 1993, Sabine worked for several years on a range of television series and feature films. After spending a year producing commercials, she returned to drama at the end of 1999, taking on the role of line producer. She started her career at NL Film two years later. From 2010 she worked as an associate producer and was responsible for tens of television series and films, such as The Body Collector, Penoza, Men in the City, In My Father's Garden and Black Tulip. Since 2016 she is one of the producers and has been responsible for titles such as Tonio, The Resistance Banker, Love over distance, Stanley H., Commandos and Penoza: The Final Chapter. Together with Business Director Ronald Versteeg Sabine leads the Amsterdam based production company.


FAQ about The Production Incentive

Does NL Film take care of the full application?

An application can only be filed by a production company based, for at least two years prior to the application, in the Netherlands. We have a lot of experience filing applications for The Netherlands Production Incentive and we will take care of the whole procedure. Of course in full cooperation with the commissioning company.


The scheme is open to applications for feature films with a minimum production budget of € 600.000 and to high-end TV drama series with a minimum of € 12.000 per min., for documentary series with a minimum of € 3.500 per min., long form drama (25+ min.) for children with a minimum of € 8.000 per min., short form drama (10-25 min.) for children with a minimum of € 10.000 per min. and single episodes with a minimum of € 1 million. In order to apply, projects need to have at least € 150.000 of qualifying Dutch spend.


The amount of the grant is determined by the production costs that are both eligible and demonstrably and directly spent on parties that are subject to Dutch taxation, multiplied by 30%. For international film (co)productions a cash rebate of 35% can be obtained if at least 75% of the digital production costs are spent on parties subject to Dutch taxation. A 35% cash rebate can also be obtained if no other Dutch state aid is part of the financing of the film production.


A distribution guarantee for theatrical release in the Netherlands, or in case of a minority coproduction, a distribution guarantee for a non-theatrical release in the Netherlands, if a theatrical release in the country of origin is guaranteed. For high-end TV-series, a distribution guarantee by a Dutch broadcaster or VoD platform, publicly accessible in the Netherlands. At least 50% of the production budget should be in place upon application. The project needs to be 100% financed within 6 months after the decision of the Fund, which will follow 2 months after the application. Principal photography cannot start before 100% of the funding is in place.