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"Is being in love fun?"

And Now I Am In Love is a six -part web series in which contemporary love is central.

Every episode we follow a different character from the flat on Mokerplein that falls in love and struggles with the uncertainties that go with love.

And Now I Am In Love is special because the series plays with the abrasive thought; Does everyone get the same opportunities in love? For example: what if a boy with the image of a "fuckboy" finally falls in love? And what are the opportunities with regards to love for a disabled boy? And what if you are asexual, but cherish feelings? The series And Now I Am In Love targets the NPO3 viewers from + - 13 to 19 years old.

The series is directed by actor and director Alkan Çöklü.


And Now I Am In Love can be seen from 17 February 2023 on the YouTube channel of NTR.