Esmée van Kampen kipnaps Santa Claus in new series on Nickelodeon

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"Will they be able to find him in time? "

Actress Esmée van Kampen plays Kaatje in the new Santa Claus series Op weg naar pakjesavond – Sint vermist! Nadja Hüpscher also appears in this exciting daily series.

In Op weg naar pakjesavond – Sint vermist!, Santa Claus and his helpers are busy preparing for the annual Santa Claus celebrations. But after Santa goes off by himself to pick up a note his helpers forgot, he goes missing. No one has any idea where he is – and it’s almost time to give out the presents. The helpers start to worry. In the meantime, a young woman called Kaatje has taken in an elderly traveller called Mister Trekvogel who doesn’t know who he is or where he comes from. It couldn’t be…? 11-year-old Gwen and her neighbour Marlon go off looking for Santa Claus. Will they be able to find him in time?