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Stellar cast for first Videoland series 'Black Tulip'

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"Producing for this platform gives us the opportunity to tell an engaging, exciting and above all ongoing story."

In March 2015, Videoland will present its first in-house series under the title ‘Black Tulip’. This new Dutch drama series follows the ups-and-downs of two families in the bulb-growing region of the Netherlands who, amid financial problems, family dramas and impossible love affairs, try to become more competitive by growing the extremely rare black tulip. Huub Stapel, Anna Drijver and Benja Bruijning are among the cast of the first Dutch high-end drama to be produced exclusively for Videoland.
Alongside the abovementioend names, this new Videoland series has attracted renowned acting talents Linda van Dyck, Roeland Fernhout, Gijs Naber, Marcel Musters, Renee Fokker, Abbey Hoes, Willem Voogd, Puck van Stijn and Raymond Thiry. One last name is still to be added to this illustrious list.

‘Black Tulip’ will be produced by NL Film and directed by Ben Sombogaart (‘Twin Sisters’, ‘The Storm’, among others), Marc Willard (‘Dokter Tinus’, among others) and Ties Schenk (‘Docklands’, among others). Writers well known from such series as ‘Divorce’, ‘Penoza’, ‘Heer en Meester’ and ‘Bellicher’ have attached their names to this new series. ‘Black Tulip’ is the first Dutch series to be produced exclusively for a video-on-demand platform.

The Videoland production ‘Black Tulip’ will offer a tantalising mix of mystery, murder, revenge, romance and dilemmas, all revolving around an impossible mission, an impossible love affair and an impossible murder. The first season of the series will screen in full in March 2015 on Videoland Unlimited. It will also be possible to rent episodes individually. Further information on this series will be released later this year.

NL Film producer Alain de Levita: “We are very proud to be producing this ambitious project for Videoland. This is the very first time a drama series has been made this way in the Netherlands. With the star cast and writers we have put together, it promises to be something really special”.

Kaja Wolffers (Creative Director NL Film): “Producing for this platform gives us the opportunity to tell an engaging, exciting and above all ongoing story. It gives us the chance to create a more layered story, and one that goes deeper. After all, the viewers have looked for your series specifically, rather than just zapping at random. This means it is possible to involve viewers more intensely with the characters and emotions. The viewer also has the option to watch all of the episodes in one sitting.”

About Videoland Videoland has been active in the digital home entertainment market as part of The Entertainment Group B.V. since 2010. In June 2014, Videoland underwent a process of complete renewal. Its products can now be rented individually on and through the Videoland apps – in addition, films and series can be viewed without restriction for €10 through Videoland Unlimited. Videoland Unlimited is available from KPN, Telfort, XS4ALL, DELTA and Caiway.

Release date

‘Black Tulip’ will be available from Videoland in its entirety from March 2015.

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