The Campmaster


Day after day, the 29 year old campmaster of camping HIVO tries to run his business, to no end. He works his ass off, but the horrible guests are mocking him all the time and nobody appreciates him. Then one day his hero, the deranged child singer Ronny (27), lands on his doorstep. What seems to be a gift from heaven, rapidly turns into a nightmare. Ronny is on the run from some dangerous criminals, who soon find their way to the camping. The campmaster and Ronnie need to do everything they can to save camping HIVO and its guests.

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Production year:2019

Release:Juni 2020

Distributor:Dutch FilmWorks

Cast & crew


Bram van der Vlugt Carly Wijs Pierre Bokma Tom van Kalmthout Yannick van de Velde

Script:Yannick van de Velde & Tom van Kalmthout

Director:Rob Lücker


service production

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