ZOO Rangers in India


Eight young rangers (zoo wardens) travel to India when they hear that a heard of elephants has been kidnapped and is being held by unknown kidnappers at a secret location. Part of the group goes in search of the elephants. The others set out for Mumbai, as one of the clues they discover during their investigations leads to the Indian film capital, Bollywood. In order to achieve their goal, they then have to take part in a real Bollywood film, brave the most varied perils of the Indian jungle, make friends with a young elephant, avoid snakes, and race through Mumbai perched in rickshaws to escape a gang of armed ivory smugglers. But there is always time for a little romance along the way. Eventually, after many exciting adventures, they are able to save the elephants.



Production year:2005 - 2006

Release:Juni 2006

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films

Cast & crew


Erwan van Buuren Ewout Genemans Jon Karthaus Juliette van Ardenne Monique van der Werff Nicolette van Dam Patrick Martens Vivienne van den Assem

Script:Anya Koek en Wijo Koek

Director:Johan Nijenhuis



Gouden Film - 2006 Gouden Movie Squad Schild - Beste Kinderfilm - 2006

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