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The Golden Hour

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About The Golden Hour

The six-part thriller series is set in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands. The first hour after an attack is crucial. That is when panic and fear are overwhelming and the danger of a second attack is greatest. The series follows everyone involved, including perpetrators, victims and all emergency services who arrive first on the scene. This hour of life or death and the consequences of a terrorist attack can be seen in the exciting series The Golden Hour.

Mardik, played by Nasrdin Dchar, is a passionate detective of Afghan descent. He receives a disturbing text message stating that his childhood friend Faysal (Abbas Fasaei) has come to the Netherlands. A day later, the Netherlands is startled by a terrorist attack. Mardik suspects his childhood friend and immediately investigates. At the same time, Mardik is distrusted by AIVD agent Joëlle (Ellen Parren) after she makes a disturbing discovery from his past. While Mardik is aiming all his arrows at his childhood friend, Joëlle becomes increasingly convinced that Mardik himself has something to do with the attack. The manhunt that follows has far-reaching consequences...

The cast consists of Nasrdin Chat, Abbas Fasaei, Ellen Parren, Matteo van der Grijn, Sophie Veldhuizen, Melody Klaver and Mohammed Azaay. There are also roles for Soumaya Ahouaoui, Yannick de Waal, Tamar van den Dop, Charlene Sancho, Nabil Mallat and Amine Bahr.

The Golden Hour was written by Simon de Waal, directed by Bobby Boermans. The series is produced by NL Film on behalf of AVROTROS.

The Golden Hour can be seen from October 23, 2022 at AVROTROS and on NPO Plus.