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Launch of new company TOTEM MEDIA

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"TOTEM MEDIA will focus on the contemporary media landscape, building a bridge between online and offline media."

Producer NL Film and TV has set up a new company called TOTEM MEDIA. This new player will focus principally on the creation and efficient production of non-fiction and branded content formats. The day-to-day operation of TOTEM MEDIA will be in the hands of young makers Kasper van Beek and Isidoor Roebers, who are also the owners of production house Fonk Film.

NL Film and TV, managed by Alain de Levita, Kaja Wolffers and Ronald Versteeg, will support this duo both in terms of content and business. In its creation of formats, TOTEM MEDIA will focus on the contemporary media landscape, building a bridge between online and offline media.

Kaja Wolffers: “Kasper and Isidoor are part of the new generation of makers who move effortlessly among the shifts that have been taking place in the media landscape in recent years. The changing market increasingly demands sound commercial insight in combination with storytelling. With Fonk Film, Kasper and Isidoor have extensive experience and contacts in the commercial advertising industry and we can combine this with our many years of experience as creatives in the drama and TV industry. This cooperation has been up and running a little while now, and we are looking forward to making progress with these young, energetic makers.”

Van Beek (30) and Roebers (25) set up their company Fonk Film while in the second year of their studies at the Film & Television Academy. A year later, their first short fiction film ‘Sky High’ was selected for the Golden Calf competition. During the past few years, alongside fiction they have produced principally branded content, non-fiction and music videos, and have frequently collaborated with VICE. In addition, they have in the past worked on productions such as ‘Homies’, ‘Bureau Raampoort’, ‘Brimstone’ and ‘Rundfunk’.

Kasper van Beek & Isidoor Roebers: “Thanks to the experience and extensive network at NL Film, our creativity and skills are able to grow and expand, and we are able to realise our productions for a broad range of stations and platforms. The intensive contact we have with NL Film means we are able to learn something new every day and we are in the perfect environment to strike out in innovative directions.”

About NL Film and TV
Since its foundation, NL Film and TV has built up a broad, varied oeuvre of short and feature-length fiction films, youth drama and television series. Films with a theatrical release produced by the company include Kneeling on a Bed of Violets, Men in the City 1&2, and the Dutch Oscar submission Tonio, which is currently screening in cinemas. The company also creates television drama for a wide range of target groups, including series such as Penoza, Black Tulip, Spangas and Bluff.