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NL Film’ Claire Zhou meets queen Máxima

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" The meeting was special because both Queen Máxima and State Secretary Uslu were very open and involved in thinking about; how we can offer more opportunities and visibility to filmmakers with a bicultural background. They offered me a listening ear and asked sincere questions. They are clearly curious and interested in these themes."

Creative from NL Film Clair Zhou had a very special week as she was allowed to show a fragment of her short film THE PERFORMANCE to none other than Queen Máxima. The event was dedicated to ROSE academy, part of ROSE stories, where creators with a bicultural background, are supported at the start of their career. Queen Máxima together with Gunay Uslu, state secretary of culture and media, attended this Generation Inclusion gathering. Claire showed them a part where Lin, a chorister within the Chine Christian municipality, right before her performance sees that a picture has been posted of her  transgender daughter in the church WhatsApp group.

THE PERFORMANCE is produced by NL Film and will be screened at the Dutch film festival in September and will be submitted to other short film festivals worldwide next year.