Tygo Gernandt and Willem Voogd from starring duo in new RTL-serie 'Odds'

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"Series ‘Odds’ is all about a hyper intelligent statistics-freak and a bon-vivant in it’s purest form."

The new RTL-Videoland-series ‘Odds’ is all about a hyper intelligent statistics-freak and a bon-vivant in it’s purest form. The strong cast star in a detective-series, which can only be described as a classic whodunit. The series premiers early 2017 on RTL 5 and Videoland.

Starring in the series, along Tygo Gernandt (‘Bloedlink’ and ‘Van God Los’) and Willem Voogd (‘Zwarte Tulp’ and ‘Project Orpheus’), are Hannah Hoekstra (‘De Helleveeg’ and ‘App’), Oscar Aerts (‘Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden’ and ‘Meiden van de Herengracht’), John Williams ('Rozengeur & Wodka Lime' and 'Assepoester: een modern sprookje'), Lotte Driessen (‘Leve Boerenliefde’ and ‘Suspicious Minds’) and Margo Dames (‘Gouden Bergen’ and ‘Bloedverwanten’). ‘Odds’ is directed by Danyael Sugawara.

Tom and Neil, who’s paths cross by accident, form a golden team. They became rich through sports betting and use the same skills for ‘cracking’ seemingly unsolvable murder cases. One is a analytical genius, who lives in a world filled with statistics and numbers. The other is a bon-vivant and a womanizer. At first glance, the two don’t seem ideal partners; but they prove themselves as the go-to-men for the police when they can’t solve a case.

When the duo get caught in the middle of a murder case which involves the death of a friend of theirs, they meet detective Kim (Hannah Hoekstra). The ambitious detective soon finds out the potential of this unique combination, and – to annoyance of her colleague Melvin (Oscar Aerts) – decides to hire Tom and Neil as consultants.

Odds is, like the new comedy-series ‘All-in Kitchen’ which premiers this fall on RTL 5 and Videoland, produced by NL Film.