Willem de Bruin (The Opposites) en Frank Boeijen create title song for Men in the City 2

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"What a brilliant combination! A really interesting mashup of the rap scene versus the melodious scene I am part of."

Next Friday, 4 December, sees the launch of the number ‘A Real Man’ – a collaboration between Willem de Bruin of The Opposites and Frank Boeijen. This exceptional cooperation between two musical veterans came about specially for the title song of the new Dutch film Men in the City 2 (NL Film/Dutch Filmworks), in cinemas from 17 December. The title song just received its première on Gijs Staverman’s show on Radio 2.

“Frank and I will carry on as The Opposites”, Willem joked in the broadcast. Frank Boeijen is proud of the cooperation. “What a brilliant combination! A really interesting mashup of the rap scene versus the melodious scene I am part of.”
‘The way I see you, no man deserves you’ – Willem de Bruin & Frank Boeijen.

Both artists collaborated in writing ‘A Real Man’, which is produced by Morgan Avenue, known among others for their work with Glen Faria. The video for the song, featuring exclusive images from the film, is currently being shot by director Walker Pachler (Mr. Polska, Dope D.O.D., Feis, Daily Bread).

Willem: “We didn’t know each other before. Frank turned up at the agreed time and we just had to see how we clicked. But he turned out to be this incredibly fun guy who can make you laugh just like that. It was amazing to see how he approaches writing a song. We had barely finished the text and he dragged me into the studio and hammered it onto the record.”

Men in the City 2 is the sequel to the successful film by director Mark de Cloe with Daan Schuurmans, Hadewych Minis and Barry Atsma. Although a lot has changed in the lives of the men, in Men in the City 2 love turns out to be anything but a fairytale. Wouter (Jeroen Spitzenberger) and Nicole (Katja Herbers)’s baby just seems to be driving them apart, Tim (Daan Schuurmans) – just back from his trip – decides to stay single for a while and womanizer Dennis (Barry Atsma) falls head over heels for a talented new singer. After a course on how to seduce women, Niels (Fabian Jansen) tries a very different approach, while the hopelessly romantic Younes (Mingus Dagelet) searches high and low all over Amsterdam for the girl he spent one unforgettable night with. One thing is for sure: the search for love goes on, and is as intense as ever!