Bureau Raampoort


Over two tense episodes, detectives Peter van Opperdoes (Acda) and Jacob Holm (Haars) – both working out of the Raampoort police station in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district – solve a series of gruesome murders.

Bureau Raampoort is set in the police station of that name in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, where Peter van Opperdoes (Thomas Acda) returns to pick up his work as a detective after a year away. He quickly becomes embroiled in the unravelling of a mysterious and gruesome murder. His replacement during his absence was Jacob Holm. Van Opperdoes and Holm have completely different characters, leading to a whole load of conflict between them. They are forced to find a way to work together, however, when a seriously disfigured body turns up in the Jordaan.



Production year:2014 - 2015

Release:December 2014

Duration:8 x 45 minuten



Cast & crew


Boy Ooteman Eric van Sauers Henk Poort Kees Hulst Ricky Koole Tamara Brinkman Thomas Acda Tim Haars Tim Murck Yannick de Waal

Script:Simon de Waal

Director:Michiel van Jaarsveld

Co-producer:Kemna & Zonen

service production

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