Floor Rules


In 'Floor Rules' (based on the successful book series by Marjon Hoffman) we follow the life of Floor, a stubborn girl with an original outlook on life. Floor believes that children, just like adults, should be able to come up with rules as well. And that's what she does. She learns from the things she experiences and makes rules to warn the children of the Netherlands. In each episode two of those rules are discussed. They answer the most important questions of life for a girl of 10. How do you deal with an irritating brother? What do you do when you get a very ugly coat as a gift? What do you do if your best friend has the impetigo and you want one too? Why is carp fishing a man's thing? And how do you deal with it if your father suddenly turns into a fitboy? Floor has seen it all and knows the answers.

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Production year:2017 - heden

Release:Maart 2022

Duration:66 x 10



Sales:Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Cast & crew


Bobbie Mulder Elisa Beuger Ferdi Stofmeel Ole Kroes Romy Voll

Script:Marjon Hoffman, Lotte Tabbers, Luuk van Bemmelen, Maurice Trouwborst, Anne Barnhoorn, Don Duyns, Judith Goudsmit, Martijn Hillenius

Based on:Based on the books of Marjon Hoffman.

Director:Maurice Trouwborst, Albert Jan van Rees en Jamille van Wijngaarden



Cinekid Leeuw Juryprijs Beste Serie - 2018 Cinekid Leeuw Nationale Publieksprijs Bovenbouw - 2019 International Emmy Kids Award - 2020


Cinekid Nationale Publieksprijs Bovenbouw - 2018 Gala van de Gouden K's - Ketnet-serie van het jaar - 2019 DirectorsNL Award - seizoen 2, Maurice Trouwborst - 2020 Cinekid Beste Nederlandse Fictieserie - 2020 Gala van de Gouden K's - Ketnet-serie van het jaar - 2020 Zilveren Krulstaart - Seizoen 3 - Marjon Hoffman, Lotte Tabbers, Tim Kamps, Martijn Hillenius, Renske de Greef, Dirk van Pelt, Luuk van Bemmelen - 2020 Cinekid Award - Beste Nederlandse Fictieserie - 2021

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