The ruthless businesswoman Dana de Graaf (Lineke Rijxman) returns to the Netherlands after years to reconcile with her vindictive son Lucas. Meanwhile she tries to take charge of a dull quality newspaper. She is like a bull trying to boost its profits, and if a few journalistic values fall along the way, so be it. While the entire editorial staff turns against Dana, it appears that son Lucas (Tim Linde) doesn't want to know anything about her either.

Lucas leads a quiet life with his wife and daughter and works as a press officer for his uncle Fons, mayor of the city of Regtvoorde. Together they work hard to build a new mosque, a long-standing wish of the Islamic community in the village. The last thing Lucas is waiting for is his meddlesome mother, but her manipulations derail his life to the point that it ends in riots, terror and even murder. And while Dana lies and cheats to bend the world to her will, she is unexpectedly confronted by her most formidable adversary: her conscience.



Production year:2019

Release:April 2020

Duration:8 x 45 minuten




Cast & crew


Sieger Sloot Jack Wouterse Joan Nederlof Jouman Fattal Lineke Rijxman Markoesa Hamer Michiel Nooter Nastaran Razawi Khorasani Nazmiye Oral Rosa van Leeuwen Tim Linde

Script:Joan Nederlof in samenwerking met Peer Wittenbols en Jacqueline Epskamp

Director:Michiel van Jaarsveld en Margien Rogaar

service production

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