Locked Out


When a post on Souraya’s Instagram threatens to blow up her school, she is arrested and taken in for questioning. At the police station, Souraya is trying to prove she is not to blame. She couldn’t have posted it herself, as she has no control whatsoever over her social media accounts anymore. Someone has taken over Souraya’s entire online life. And not just that, that person also has her password. The same one she has been using for all her accounts for years: not just social media, but her online banking and school system account as well. There is no ransom demanded and no explanation given. One brutal move follows the next. Whoever is behind this, the only thing they seem to want is revenge. Will Souraya succeed in proving her innocence without exposing all her secrets from her by no means flawless past?



Production year:2020

Release:December 2020

Duration:12 x 12 minuten


Broadcaster:KRO-NCRV / NPO3.nl / YouTube

Cast & crew


Alexander Elmecky Bart Klever Belle Bircan Bente Fokkens Dayo Oshigbosin Florence Vos Weeda Jouman Fattal Karien Noordhoff Martijn Nieuwerf Matthijs IJgosse Megan de Kruijf Sonia Eijken

Script:Daan Windhorst & Sofie Tseng

Director:Ivo van Aart

service production

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