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We follow the lives of a group of students at their high school "De Campus" as they experience all kinds of relatable, exciting adventures. They all have their own unique story of love, friendship, family, loneliness, sorrow and discovery.

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Production year:2007 - heden

Release:September 2007

Duration:S1 - S13: 2340 x 10 minuten / S14 - S15: 288 x 14 minuten



Sales:Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Cast & crew

Script:Anya Koek. Brian de Vore, Jetske Vulsma, Patrick Limpens, Diana Sno, Ceciel Jacobs, Marije Willemsen, Lidewij Martens, Vincent van Zelm, Gerben Hetebrij, Pepijn van Weeren, Simone Duwel

Director:Nick Jongerius, David Cocheret, Raynor Arkenbout, Elzelien Peters, Lodewijk van Lelyveld, Ivo van Aart, Anne van Keimpema, Lucas Camps en Eva Nijs



Best bekeken programma op Uitzending Gemist - 2011 Best bekeken programma op Uitzending Gemist - 2010 Cinekid Kinderkast Publieksprijs - 2010 Gouden Apenstaart - 2009 Cinekid Media Award - 2009 Gouden Stuiver - 2008 Bob Angelo Penning - 2015


Prix de Jeunesse - 2010 Japan Prix - 2010 Rose d'Or - 2009

service production

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