Ellis in Glamourland

Ellis in Glamourland


A lead role for Linda de Mol, directed by Pieter Kramer. Kramer is the innovative director previously credited for Yes Nurse! No Nurse! and the hilarious Theo and Thea and the Seven Dwarfs. The script was written by Mischa Alexander (All Stars and Full Moon Party, among others).

ALICE IN GLAMOURLAND is a comedy about a woman who enrols on a course to learn how to seduce a millionaire. She has few scruples, but her fellow students have none at all. They shamelessly bore their nails into rich gentlemen at the golf club, at cocktail parties and family parties. When the millionaire Meindert takes the bait, almost all of her problems seem to be solved...

Joan Collins plays a pivotal role in this romantic comedy. She plays the teacher of the course 'How to marry a millionaire'.



Production year:2004

Release:September 2004

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films

Cast & crew


Chris Tates Horace Cohen Joan Collins Joan Nederlof Kees Hulst Linda de Mol Tjebbo Gerritsma

Script:Mischa Alexander

Director:Pieter Kramer




Gouden Kalf - Beste Scenario - 2004 Jury Award, Beste Speelfilm, Stony Brook Film Festival USA - 2005 Gouden Film - 2004 'Stimulans voor Succes' voor commercieel succes - 2004-2005

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