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Happily ever after


Happily Ever After is based on the RO Theater production with the same title. The film is a collection of classic fairy tales, with a big nod to current affairs. Mousey Cinderella is humiliated by her step sisters, Paris and Hilton. Little Red Riding Hood is in a relationship with a big bad wolf who has image problems, and Prince Roderick of Oranje Nassaukade is to be married off by his mother, the Queen. All the plot developments reach a climax at the Grand Ball.



Production year:2010

Release:Oktober 2010

Duration:94 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films

Cast & crew


Alex Klaasen Arjan Ederveen Dick van den Toorn Gijs Naber Hannah van Lunteren Hans Leendertse Jack Wouterse Rogier Philipoom Sylvia Poorta

Script:Don Duyns

Director:Pieter Kramer




3 Gouden Kalveren, Nederlands Film Festival - 2011 Winaar Movie Squad Junior Awards - 2011