The Strongest man in Holland


Twelve-year old Luuk Bos always thought his father was the world’s strongest man. His mother Dorien, who raised Luuk on her own, always used to tell him the most amazing stories about his father.

When Luuk attends the local strongest man competition, he meets participant, René Doornbos. Luuk suspects the man to be his father. When he one day sees old photographs of René who used to have red hair, just like his own, he thinks this proves it. René Doornbos is his father. When Dorien finds out that Luuk thinks he has found his father, she tells him the truth: Luuk was a test-tube baby.



Production year:2010

Release:Januari 2011

Duration:80 minuten


Cast & crew


Bas van Prooijen Gonny Gakeer Loek Peters Suzan Boogaerdt Yenthe Dirks

Script:Maarten Lebens & Pieter Bart Korthuis

Director:Mark de Cloe

Co-producer:COBO Fonds



Charly Award - 2011 Golden Elephant - Best Screenplay - 2011 Prix Europa - 2011 Cairo International Film Festival for Children - Beste lange speelfilm - 2012


Kids Emmy Award - 2012 BANFF Rockie Award - 2012 Rose d'Or - 2012 Cinekid- Beste Kinderfilm - 2011 MovieSquad Jr Award - 2011

service production

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