All the time in the World


Maarten and Molly have a very special relationship. Since the death of their parents, Maarten has been responsible for bringing up his little sister. Supported by his best friend Reina he has raised Molly to be a confident young woman. Though to this end, Maarten has given up on his hopes and dreams. When Molly suddenly announces she is moving in with her boyfriend he is confronted by empty-nest syndrome. Both Maarten and Molly have great difficulty getting used to this new life. They just can’t let go of each other …

Both of them set out along the bumpy sometimes rocky road called love. This isn’t always easy. Maarten loses himself in an unattainable man and Molly can’t decide which of her lovers she wants. Maarten and Molly become increasingly distant. But then fate strikes a cruel blow. Molly becomes seriously ill. Stark choices have to be made. Because you don’t always have All the time in the world.



Production year:2010

Release:April 2011

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films

Cast & crew


Alwin Pulinckx Christopher Parren Karina Smulders Lineke Rijxman Paul de Leeuw Teun Luijkx

Script:Job Gosschalk

Director:Job Gosschalk

Co-producer:Kemna & Zonen

service production

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