In TAPED, Johan and Saar make a last attempt to save their marriage by going on a vacation together to Buenos Aires. They promise their daughter they will film the holiday using a video camera. But when they accidentally record a brutal murder, they are forced to flee in fear of their lives.

NL Film sold de remake rights of TAPED in 2012 to Colombia Pictures (USA).

Hannah Minghella, CEA of Columbia Pictures, about the remake: "We're huge fans of 'Taped' – and believe that Doug and Lucy have just the right take on the material to adapt it for English speaking audiences."



Production year:2011

Release:Februari 2012

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films


Cast & crew


Barry Atsma Susan Visser

Script:Diederik van Rooijen & Marnie Blok

Director:Diederik van Rooijen




Gouden Kalf, Beste Actrice - Susan Visser - 2012

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