I love to love


I LOVE TO LOVE tells the story of Anna (Miryanna van Reeden), who vows never to fall in love again; before promptly falling for two men at the same time. They both think they have found the woman of their dreams. For her, the pair of them together make up the perfect man: Rob (Chris Zegers) for the DIY and passionate sex life and Sander (Romijn Conen) for the romance and good conversation.

What Anna doesn't know is that Rob and Sander are flatmates, who in turn are unaware that they are having a relationship with the same woman!



Production year:2002

Release:Maart 2003

Duration:85 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films


Cast & crew


Chris Zegers Elle van Rijn Miryanna van Reeden Romijn Conen Wendy van Dijk

Script:Pim van Hoeve (origineel: Don Bohlinger)

Director:Pim van Hoeve




Gouden Film - 2003

service production

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