Men in the City 2


Although a lot has changed in the lives of our familiar group of urban males, one thing still unites them: their ineptness in all things romantic. But now they have all finally won the woman of their dreams, they face an even greater challenge – a relationship! Finding the love of your life is one thing, but keeping her proves to be quite another...

Wouter and Nicole want it all; they have a child, but both also want to pursue their own dreams. Can these conflicting interests be combined? Tim returns from India determined to stay single for a while. But this turns out to be easier said than done – espectially when he meets Maria. Niels’ and Suzanne’s relationship didn’t work out. They weren’t right for one another after all. Devastated by the breakup, Niels has gone to work in a hostel, where he tries to ease his sorrow with fleeting romances. When he suddenly meets his soulmate, the question is: will he come to his senses in time?

In a bolt from the blue, Dennis falls head-over-heels for independent-minded soul singer Remy. Having always been wild and free, he now starts to notice that he wants Remy all to himself. And then there is the new character: Younes. A hopelessly romantic cycle courier who spends his days searching for that one special girl he spent an unforgettable night with last year...



Production year:2015

Release:17 december 2015

Duration:92 minuten

Distributor:Dutch FilmWorks

Cast & crew


Barry Atsma Bo Maerten Daan Schuurmans Fabian Jansen Hadewych Minis Jelka van Houten Jeroen Spitzenberger Katja Herbers Liliana de Vries Maartje van de Wetering Mingus Dagelet

Script:Marnie Blok

Director:Mark de Cloe

Co-producer:RTL Entertainment



Gouden Film - 2015

service production

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