SpangaS on Survival


SpangaS on Survival


With uncertainty, homesickness, a desire for freedom, sadness and love they ultimately build a strong friendship.

This is the story of ten young people who were brought together by events during an intense week, achieve personal goals enabling them to move on with themselves, their relationships with their friends and their position at school. The pupils of Spangalis college are going away for a week.

Teacher John is panicking because his travel partner, PE teacher Bart, has to cancel due to an injury. Luckily he is assigned a new partner: Miss Madge, the English teacher. John sticks to the plan: subdivided into various teams, the pupils carry out assignments working towards the highlight: the survival hike at the end of the week. John tries to motivate the students, but that proves quite hard. Because everyone has their own plans for the trip based on their personal problems. Mutual conflicts get in the way of smooth cooperation. John totally underestimated this because soon the students’ own interests start to emerge...

Based on the hit-series SpangaS.



Production year:2009

Release:september 2009

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Walt Disney

Cast & crew


Chemseddine Amar Fatma Genç Gaby Blaaser Jasper Gottlieb Juud Doorman Kimberly Klaver Marius Gottlieb Mounira Hadj Mansour Roos Smit Sebastian Wulff Steef Hupkes Talisia Misiedjan Tim Murck Titia Hoogendoorn Yamil Jones

Script:Anya Koek

Director:Diede in t Veld




Gouden Film - 2009

service production

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