The Storm


The Storm is about Julia (Sylvia Hoeks), an 18 year old farmer’s daughter from Zeeland, who falls pregnant by her boyfriend Diewer, a fisherman boy. Diewer is so upset by this news that he does a moonlight flit. Julia is all on her own in a hostile village: the pregnancy and the delivery are first judged and then ignored by her family and fellow-villagers.

In the night of 31 January 1953, during a terrible February storm, the dikes in Zeeland are breached in more than a hundred locations and the farm is engulfed by a flood. Julia ends up in the water together with her son and is rescued – against her will – by the young air force sergeant Aldo (Barry Atsma), leaving her baby behind in the water. She is inconsolable, veils herself in silence and refuses to speak to her despised rescuer.

Aldo carefully tries to get in contact with the young woman; bit by bit he unravels her background and finally decides to help her find her son. After all, he is responsible for the fact that she had to leave her baby behind. It is the start of a long search – against the flow of the evacuation – which will finally bring them back to Zeeland again: a submerged, surreal landscape of animal and human corpses. The chance that a baby can survive here is microscopically small. Yet Julia sees signs that her son is still alive. But where? And with whom?



Production year:2009

Release:September 2009

Duration:90 minuten

Distributor:Universal Pictures International

Cast & crew


Barry Atsma Bas Keijzer Betty Schuurman Dirk Roofthooft Elsa May Averill Evert de Jager Katja Herbers Lottie Hellingman Monic Hendrickx Sanne den Hartogh Serge Price Sylvia Hoeks

Script:Rik Launspach & Marjolein Beumer

Director:Ben Sombogaart




Platina Film - 2009 Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking, Stony Brook-NYC - 2010 Bernhard Wicki Award - 2010 Beste Actrice, Sylvia Hoeks - Festroia, Int. Film Festival, Sébutal - 2010

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