SpangaS: Time for action


SPANGAS ON SURVIVAL (2009) – was all about adventures far from school, the new film takes place mostly in and around Spangalis College. News that the school is supposed to suddenly close causes great agitation among the students. They decide to take direct action by occupying their schooL.

With roles for regular cast members Lennart Timmerman (Raaf), Ricardo Blei (Abel), Priscilla Knetemann (Charley), Hassan Slaby (Eman) Guillermo Hilversum (Tinco), Dilara Horuz (Meral), Djamila Abdalla (Bodil), Stijn Fransen (Renée), Timo Wils (Lef) and Vajèn van den Bosch (Juliette).



Production year:2014 - 2015

Release:Juni 2015

Duration:80 minuten

Distributor:Dutch FilmWorks

Cast & crew


Dilarah Horuz Djamila Abdalla Guillermo Hilversum Hassan Slaby Juud Doorman Lennart Timmerman Pepijn Schoneveld Priscilla Knetemann Raymi Sambo Ricardo Blei Steef Hupkes Stijn Fransen Timo Wils Vajén van den Bosch

Script:Pieter Athmer & Jop de Vries

Director:Jop de Vries




Gouden Film - 2015

service production

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