Spider in the Web


Spider in the Web


An aging spy is on one last mission to redeem his life and career before the clock runs out; but when a mysterious woman appears and the lines of trust with his superiors begin to blur, Adereth realizes the hunter may become the hunted in a world of mirrors and deceit.

Commissioning producer: Topia Communications (Israel). Watch the trailer here



Production year:2018

Release:Augustus 2019

Duration:113 minuten

Sales:Topia Communications

Cast & crew


Ben Kingsley Itay Tiran Itzik Cohen Monica Bellucci

Script: Gidon Maron & Emmanuel Naccache

Director:Eran Riklis

service production

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The Netherlands has a wide range of both classic locations and modern architecture, flatlands, wide meadows and ‘polders’, beaches, castles and spacious houses. Being a small nation, all locations can be reached within limited time from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our crews are very flexible and English speaking.
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