FLORIS presents a very modern version of the Middle Ages, a time of anarchy in which Michiel Huisman takes on the role of the new superhero. Huisman plays the grandson of the old hero, Rutger Hauer. Birgit Schuurman plays Pi, his beautiful oriental sidekick. Victor Low plays Floris' father. And Daan Schuurmans also has a part to play in this adventurous, amusing film. Linda van Dijk plays a marvellously canny Duchess of Gelre.

Successful producer/composer/songwriter John Ewbank wrote the music for the film. This is Ewbank's first Dutch cinematic feature.



Production year:2004

Release:December 2004

Duration:95 minuten

Distributor:Independent Films

Cast & crew


Bastiaan Ragas Birgit Schuurman Camilla Siegertz Daan Schuurmans Henk Poort Kees Boot Linda van Dijk Michiel Huisman Tom Jansen Victor Löw

Script:Gerard Soeteman

Director:Jean van de Velde



Gouden Film - 2005

service production

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