Camp Kookiness


The age we are living in is one where everyone strives for perfection. This doesn’t only put pressure on us as adults, but also on the generations below us. We all want to be ‘normal’ and to be able to say that ‘everything’s great’. But what if you don’t feel at all ‘great’ or ‘normal’?

Camp Kookiness is a captivating tale about the personal stories and experiences of the seven children of the group ‘The Acorns’, who spends a summer at the nature campsite ‘Natuurlijk Zijn’.
A diverse group of children who all - literally and figuratively - bring their own baggage with them to the camp; because however much the children may wish to make a good impression on each other, they all bring their own insecurities, vulnerabilities and anxieties with them. And that is precisely what this series is about. However we may present ourselves to the outside world, inside we are all vulnerable beings, and that’s perfectly OK.



Production year:2020

Release:Februari 2021

Duration:8 x 25 minuten



Cast & crew


Bennie el Khattab Darryl Amankwah Eric van Sauers Heleen Post Jasmijn Grevink Lies Visschedijk Polleke van der Sman Raphaël de Jong

Script:Anne Barnhoorn

Director:Joost van Hezik & Jamille van Wijngaarden



Gouden Kalf - Beste Dramaserie - 2021 Cinekid Award - Beste Nederlandse Fictieserie - 2021

service production

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