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Casper and the Christmas Angels

Casper and the Christmas Angels


Casper and the Christmas Angels is about Casper, who wants to be an astronaut so he can travel out into deep space. But before he can do this, he has to practice a lot – and of course grow some more. After all, he is only eleven!

The problem he has at the moment is that he has to move from the big city to a mill in the countryside. His parents (Cohen and Jaspers) think this is a good idea because Casper’s sister Loes (Loïs Beekhuizen) is blind. Casper’s mother starts an organic shop in the village and his father works on repairing the mill.

While the rest of the family dive into their new lives with great enthusiasm, Casper just finds it all really stupid. Things start to look up when he meets two strange characters: Ava and Zazu. It quickly turns out that they are not just a pair of quirky characters but are actually angels! The pair of them have got lost and crash-landed on Earth. But in spite of their magical powers, they need help to get back home. Kasper is more than willing to lend a helping hand!

In the meantime, Casper’s mother has become involved in a fierce struggle with the mean supermarket manager from across the street. He doesn’t like her organic products and tries to sabotage her shop …

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Production year:2015

Release:December 2015

Duration:20 x 10 minuten



Sales:Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Cast & crew


Demian Henkes Horace Cohen Josephine Arendsen Juul Vrijdag Loïs Beekhuizen Marc-Marie Huijbregts Margôt Ros Niels van der Laan Noah de Nooij Nyncke Beekhuyzen René van t Hof Sem Hulsmann Stanley Burleson Wendell Jaspers

Script:Bart Koene

Director:Anielle Webster



International Emmy Kids Award - 2016

service production

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