The road to Boxing Eve


In 'The road to Boxing Eve- Sint is missing!', Santa Claus and his helpers are busy preparing for the annual Santa Claus celebrations. But after Santa goes off by himself to pick up a note his helpers forgot, he goes missing. No one has any idea where he is- and it's almost time to give out the presents. The helpers start to worry. In the meantime, a young woman called Kaatje has taken in an elderly traveller called Mister Trekvogel who doesn't know who he is or where he comes from. It couldn't be...? 11 Year old Gwen and her neighbour Marlon go off looking for Santa Claus. Will they be able to find him in time?

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Production year:2015 - 2017

Release:November 2015

Duration:56 x 10 minuten



Cast & crew


André Dongelmans Eefje van Gorkum Esmée van Kampen Nazanin Taheri Peter Faber Reynout Dekimpe Steef Hupkes

Script:Anya Koek, Brian de Vore

Director:Anna van Keimpema, Jop de Vries



Cinekid Kinderkast Publieksprijs 4-6 jaar - 2016


Cinekid Kinderkast Publieksprijs 4-6 jaar - 2017

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