Duco and Roy


After a successful television series, a movie, and two sold-out theater tours, the Rundfunk duo Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van der Velde will be coming next year with a new comedy series. In Rundfunk: Duco and Roy, the duo Duco and Roy are followed in their pursuit of their ultimate dream: becoming famous. It's not a sequel to Rundfunk, but a new story with new characters. Filming started this week, and the series will be broadcasted in 2023 on KRO-NCRV on NPO 3.

Actors Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van de Velde are the brains behind Rundfunk and conceived and wrote Rundfunk: Duco and Roy themselves. Tom and Yannick state, "You have to write about what you know. And maybe we don't know much about mechanical engineering, galaxies, or the Mattheuskerk in the village of Joure, but if there's one world we know from the inside out, it's the world of actors." Tom and Yannick also play the roles of Duco and Roy themselves. They say, "Duco and Roy are wannabe actors, but they lack talent in every aspect. Their only strength is perseverance. Despite all setbacks and rejections, they try to make it in 'the scene.' We're very happy to be doing this series because secretly, we're a little afraid that deep down we're also a bit like Duco and Roy," Tom and Yannick conclude.

The direction of Rundfunk: Duco & Roy is in the hands of Peter van de Witte, co-directed by Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van de Velde. The series is produced by NL Film in collaboration with KRO-NCRV.



Production year:2023


Duration:8 x 25


Broadcaster:NPO 3


Cast & crew

Director:Peter de Witte & Yannick van de Velde


service production

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